Technology Teams Up to Distribute Devices

KISD technology services personnel distributed iPads to campuses
By: Todd Martin
Days of logistical planning, supply delivery and site preparation led to prepping, boxing and finally distributing thousands of iPads to Killeen ISD’s 50-plus campuses.
“The teamwork is amazing,” said Technology Support Manager Michelle Greene as school district technology staff members labored to prep 16,000 iPads for delivery when school resumed for staff Tuesday.
She explained the distribution process Thursday, Dec. 3 while all around the Nolan Middle School gym at the now-closed school, a broad range of technology employees worked in teams to unpack and repack the needed devices.
Like so much else in 2020, the process, Greene said, required changing several of the district’s regular systems from supply receiving to distribution, warehousing and inventory control.
“We could see the length of time this would take, so we changed the system,” she said. “It has been a huge endeavor.”
In just a few days, the revolving team members would prepare 16,000 iPads and cases for delivery to every school in KISD.
During the summer, the district received a Texas Education Agency grant for the devices to assist in the anticipated need, both at campuses and for home-based virtual learners.
Over three days in December, the team of technology services employees, combined with campus technology support specialists and distribution and warehouse personnel unwrapped and repacked the items for delivery.
The old Nolan gym transformed into a packing plant with tables representing specific campuses and work teams filling orders for six campuses at a time.
On the first day of packing, employees readied iPads and cases for delivery to 15 campuses. Schools received devices based on enrollment numbers.
In addition to unpacking and repacking, technology employees worked to install bar codes to help streamline the process and save time.
“You want to see teamwork, this is it,” said Greene.
One of the 10 campus technologists working at the distribution site Dec. 3, Zane Guerrero said he enjoyed working alongside peers he rarely sees in person.
“We’re coming together as a team,” said Guerrero, technologist at the new Nolan Middle School.
“We’re coming together to get the schools prepped. The main goal is for students, to make sure they have what they need. These resources will help us reach students and classes better. It’s going to be helpful.”