Secondary Curriculum & Professional Development

Mission Statement

Our mission is to support teachers and administrators in the implementation of KISD's full, innovative, and comprehensive curriculum, thereby empowering students to learn to their maximum potential and achieve success in their future.

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Dagmar Harris Director for Secondary Curriculum 254-336-0215
Christina Walker At-Risk, Dyslexia, Section 504 Specialist 254-336-0207
John Jackson Advanced Academics Specialist 254-336-0323
Jerome Ciesiolka Instructional Specialist - English / LOTE 254-336-0252
Summer Terrell Instructional Specialist - Math / PE 254-336-0321
Loretta Solliday Instructional Specialist - Science 254-336-0300
Kelly Shellhart Instructional Specialist - Social Studies 254-336-0253
Dani Patterson Instructional Technologist - Secondary 254-336-3451
Lisa Adams Instructional Coach 254-336-0245
Stephanie Cranford Instructional Coach 254-336-0236
Michelle Hugg Instructional Coach 254-336-0236
Lindsay Vanderburg Instructional Coach 254-336-0245
Taylor Tuttle Instructional Coach  
Katie Drake Instructional Coach  
Emily Jimenez Secretary IV - Director's Secretary 254-336-0215
Allison Province Secretary III - Department Secretary 254-336-0360
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