Ranger Thanksgiving Day Parade 2022

Timber Ridge unveils holiday parade
By: Todd Martin

Timber Ridge Elementary School ushered in the season of gratitude Friday with its very own Ranger Thanksgiving Day Parade.
Students and classes made unique floats on given themes and rolled their creations around the school building as a large group of parents watched from the street and sidewalk.
Fifth grade teacher Nicole Green initiated the parade a year ago after seeing it done in her hometown in Georgia. Now, the popular activity is a Timber Ridge tradition.
“This year, we wanted a way to build school community and bridge home and school,” Green said, explaining the school parade project.
Each grade level received a theme and classes came up with costumes or a float or some combination to illustrate the given theme.
A few of this year’s themes were repeats from a year ago because so many students were excited to jump into last year’s ideas.
Already thinking about next year, Green said the school will come up with all new themes in 2023.
The parade offers students and teachers a chance to work together on a creative project.
It also ties into reading through a book called “Balloons Over Broadway” by Melissa Sweet that tells the story of the master puppeteer who helped bring to life the traditional parade that winds through New York City on Thanksgiving Day.
“I love to see the creativity and excitement,” said Green.
The fifth-grade classes took on the theme of old school cartoons and games. Her class led the parade with Super Mario Brothers.
“They were very excited to build the class float,” the teacher said. “It warmed my heart.”
Other grade levels embraced Scooby Doo, insects, fiesta, the jungle and superheroes as themes.
First-graders in Krista Pace’s class dressed up a rolling cart in jungle plants and stuffed animals. They also made hats displaying tigers, snakes or monkeys.
In addition to the class float, several students made smaller floats at home that rolled on wagons.
Principal Tanya Dockery said last year’s parade was a huge hit, gaining lots of support from parents and students. She said it was exciting to see the school community come together for something fun.
“A lot of kids were excited to do the theme they saw last year,” Green said. “There was so much positive feedback. Parents were excited to have the family time to make a float. I’m excited for next year.”