KISD Employee Update

COVID-19 HR Highlights

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Kisd staff return plan05/27/2020 - The District has emailed a Phased Return to Onsite Work plan to all KISD employees.

We are taking a very cautious approach to ensure the health and safety of our staff while providing services to our students and families.  

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Frequently Asked Questions for KISD Employees - During School Closure 

Specific questions or concerns regarding any of these questions, please consult with your supervisor to address individual circumstances.

Will ALL employees be paid while the District is closed?

Yes, ALL District employees will continue to receive their normal compensation based on their established salary/hourly compensation rate. 

  1. REGULAR PAY: ALL employees will continue to be paid at 100% of their regular pay

  2. PREMIUM PAY: If your supervisor directs you to report to work in-person, then you will continue to get premium pay at a rate of “time and one-half” (example: If you make $10/hour, then you will get $15/hour for the hours you work in-person). Any pre-approved overtime work will also be paid at the “time and one-half” premium rate, so no more than $15/hour in the example provided.

  3. CORONAVIRUS ABSENCES: If you can’t work for any reason related to coronavirus, then you should tell your supervisor, and your supervisor will contact HR to assist you

  4. LEAVES: You must communicate with your supervisor if you need to take leave for any reason, but you will NOT be required to use your leave time

  5. QUESTIONS: Email Human Resources at


Employee Assistance Program - FREE to all employees

With things changing daily it is not uncommon for individuals to experience some amount of anxiety.  Through KISD’s employee assistance program staff has free access to Unum’s EAP’s counseling up to three face to face visits per year and unlimited virtual visits. This service is there to help manage issues such as anxiety, stress and depression. 

Unum EAP provides counselors who will provide an assessment and support, all in a confidential online setting. Confidentiality is maintained in accordance with privacy laws and professional ethical standards. The District will not be notified when EAP services are requested or used.

For more information on the services provided by the employee assistance program click here. ​​​​​​​

Employee Benefits Information

We hope everyone stays safe during this unique time to minimize contact and transmission of COVID-19. Below is the most up to date information we have received. We will continue to relay information as it is received. Should you be concerned about contraction of COVID-19, a questionnaire has been posted to the MyBSWHealth app for screening prior to scheduling an appointment, walking into a clinic, or arriving at a hospital emergency department.

Alerts have been posted on the member and employer portals, as well as information on the Customer Service IVR. We have been advised COVID -19 testing will be covered for our fully insured clients. Official notification with added details will be shared as soon as possible. 

Below is the link posted within the member portal for additional information:


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