Killeen ISD is already the 26th largest school district in Texas, and with enrollment continuing to surge school district leaders will meet Tuesday night to discuss a potential timeline for building and expanding schools.

    The KISD Board of Trustees will meet on Tuesday, October 10 at 6 p.m. to discuss the potential need for new school facilities and to consider other items of business on the meeting agenda. The board is not scheduled to vote on the facilities issue Tuesday night.

    Surpassing expectations, student enrollment in Killeen ISD pushed past 44,300 this fall and is expected to continue growing by at least 1 percent each year. “More and more families are coming to our school district because of the amazing teachers and incredible learning opportunities here,” Killeen ISD Superintendent John Craft said. “We expect that surge in enrollment to continue and it is important that we plan out into the future to grow and build schools to meet the needs of our families and the entire dynamic Killeen community.”


    KISD opened two new schools in August to help accommodate the increase in enrollment. Craft will ask the board Tuesday to discuss the possibility of a potential five-year timeline for building two more elementary schools, one middle school and one high school and expanding the Killeen ISD Career Center. The board might also consider in the future calling for a bond election to help support school construction.

    The school construction and the potential consideration of a bond issue are only in the discussion stages as this point, however. The school board and the superintendent are holding these discussions in public and keeping community members informed each step along the way as the school district continues to grow and attract new students and families.

    “It is vitally important that Killeen ISD and the entire community work closely together as we go into the future so that we can provide the best educational opportunities for every family that comes our way. The leadership of KISD is committed to that partnership with the community,” Craft said.

    The potential facilities timeline to be discussed by the board includes the possibility of opening a new elementary school in August 2019, a new middle school and expanded Career Center in August 2020, and a new elementary and a new high school in August 2022.

    At Tuesday night’s meeting, board members will discuss this potential timeline suggested by the administration and will offer additional thoughts and recommendations. The discussions are expected to continue over the coming months.


    As enrollment has continued to climb, the district has asked the Texas Education Agency this fall for a handful of “class size waivers.” KISD and hundreds of other districts around Texas have made, and been granted, such requests to expand a small number of elementary school classrooms to more than the 22-student limit set by the state up to grade four.

    On Tuesday, the KISD board will be asked to approve class size waiver requests to allow eight classes to have a total enrollment slightly above the state limit.

    October 6, 2017

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