Portrait of Terry Abbott

Mr. Terry Abbott

Chief Communications Officer

Portrait of Ramona Bellard

Ms. Ramona Bellard

Executive Officer

Portrait of Megan Bradley

Ms. Megan Bradley

Chief Financial Officer

Portrait of Robin Champagne

Dr. Robin Champagne

Assistant Superintendent for Instructional Leadership

Portrait of Steve Cook

Mr. Steve Cook

Chief Human Resources

Portrait of John Craft

Dr. John Craft


Portrait of Jo-Lynette Crayton

Ms. Jo-Lynette Crayton

Executive Director for Elementary Schools

Portrait of Nancy Duran

Ms. Nancy Duran

Executive Director for Career and Technical Education

Portrait of Joyce Hodson

Ms. Joyce Hodson

Director for Grants and Education Foundation

Portrait of Steve Hudson

Mr. Steve Hudson

Executive Director for Elementary Schools

No Portrait of Randall Hugg

Mr. Randall Hugg

Executive Director for Athletics

Portrait of Nicole Koch

Ms. Nicole Koch

Special Assistant to the Assistant Superintendent

Portrait of David Manley

Mr. David Manley

Executive Director for Secondary Schools

Portrait of Diana Miller

Ms. Diana Miller

Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum & Instruction

Portrait of Helen Mowers

Ms. Helen Mowers

Executive Director for Technology Services

Portrait of Jan Peronto

Dr. Jan Peronto

Executive Director for Special Education

Portrait of Adam Rich

Mr. Adam Rich

Executive Director for Facilities Services

Portrait of Desmontes Stewart

Dr. Desmontes Stewart

Deputy Superintendent

Portrait of Kirk Thomas

Mr. Kirk Thomas

Special Assistant to the Deputy Superintendent

Portrait of Joseph Welch

Dr. Joseph Welch

Executive Director for Student Services