Champ Camp

By: Samantha Solliday
September 12, 2018 - For one day, out of the entire school year, a group of champions gather together to size each other up, put their eyes on the golden Sup’s Champion Cup and learn about upcoming district wellness events.
 Dr. Craft speaks to the champions.
These “champions” are campus and department representatives that are typically identified and selected as wellness leaders by their department or school heads.
The goal of the Champ Camp meeting is to reenergize and refocus the champs, so they can return to their campuses and have positive effects on staff wellness and morale through participation in competitive district wide wellness events, where they have the opportunity to win the Sup’s Cup to display at their campus for an entire year.
Killeen Mayor Jose Segarra, an avid runner and health advocate, began the meeting Wednesday at the Jackson Professional Learning Center, hoping to inspire the champs to make the KISD community healthier.   
“I have always wanted to make Killeen healthier,” he stated, “but it’s not just about being physical, it’s also about growing into a healthier community, by residents getting out in the community and connecting with each other through various events.”
Segarra challenged the champions to visit one or all of the 19 parks in the city of Killeen and suggested adopting a park for their school.
“It’s a free program and it would be a great opportunity for students and staff to help care for our parks, by keeping them clean and beautiful.”
Champs also got inspired by other campus champs to engage in healthy living by hosting their own events.Champs share ideas during their breakout sessions.
“We have family fun runs and monthly healthy staff pot lucks,” said Clear Creek Elementary PE teacher Amber Koloroutis. “Doing things like this really boost morale. We want to make our Clear Creek community healthier, so we have really tried to engage not only staff but students and their families.”
Champs also had the opportunity to learn about the new Scott and White Vitality and Wellness plan, and received information on the MYBSWHealth app, online coaching, Naturally Slim, preventative care, and E-visits, before breaking out into group sessions.
Each of the three breakout leaders spoke to groups about what they thought worked well at their campus. Participants were able to ask questions and collaborate with each other about healthy event ideas.
“I’m so impressed by these champs,” said KISD Wellness Specialist Nicole Koenen. “They are self-starters. They just jump right in and start so many wonderful things at their campuses.
“One of our main goals is to have a sense of pride in your campus or department. We want staff and teachers to feel good, so they can be better teachers and leaders, so their students can become better and healthier students.”
 Breakout leader Summer Terrell collaborates with other champs.

Upcoming KISD Sup’s Cup Events:
September 22 – Back to School Employee 5K
November 3 – Employee Kickball Tournament